Birth is raw, unfiltered and emotional. I can't wait to walk through this journey with you, whether that's as a Birth Photographer, Doula, or Postpartum Doula! Being part of your team is so monumental. My goal is to help your dreams, desires and expectations come true, be exceeded, and empowering for you. Birth is such a sacred spiritual time in your life, your partner's life and of course your new little babe(s). Let's document those moments. Something to remember for a life time.

Serving Southwest WI & Tri-State Area.

I'm super excited you're looking into Birth Photography, Doula-Tog or other Birth related services. I've been involved in the Birth world since 2016. I became interested once I had my third baby. I absolutely love all things birth, but especially photographing it and supporting. The little moments, the little details. The power and love behind it, it's just absolutely breath taking and incredible to be apart of. I hope we have the opportunity to chat some more!

We have a secret in our culture, and it's not that birth is painful. It's that women are strong.

Laura Stavoe Harm


Kayla H.

Alex's love for all things birth and baby was apparent! She has been a powerful force that has gently guided and supported me with each one of my babies! From help with breastfeeding, being someone I can call when I have a question, because I know her answers will be Carefully researched and evidence-based, to just being a shoulder to cry on and an ear to listen! Her passion for birth and desire to help and nurture every woman in their journey of motherhood is truly a gift that has blessed my family!

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